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Oscillating Prana Sound Meditation

  • Santosha Yoga Big Sky 169 Snowy Mountain Circle- West Fork Meadows Big Sky, MT (map)

Santosha Wellness Center

Chakra Sound Bath Meditation

with ShaamaahS

07:00 PM - 08:00 PM | MON, JAN 7

Chakra Sound Bath Meditation Description

Join us as Ron Fearing presents a sound bath experience of healing vibrations.

We as humans are walking energy, vibrating at multiple frequencies. If we're to break this idea down into the esoteric realm of Chakra meditation .... It is important to note the seven major Chakras and the Universal OM have their own individual frequencies/notes. The Chakras are an intricate energy system that communicates with our bodies glandular functions.

This sound meditation I’ve developed uses esoteric “drone” instruments in a specific tuning that is relative to natural ratios that are seen within the natural world, our physiology, our solar system and ancient cultural paradigms. IE: Fibonacci, Phi, and Pythagorean theorem. These natural ratios are incorporated with Tuvan/Kargyraa throat singing, matched octave singing bowls per each Chakra frequency, and a Shruti Box. This is performed solo and in unison to create a oscillation catalyst that allows for a phenomenon called "Sympathetic Resonance". Each instrument used in this meditation when combined is something that when experienced is very unique and quite powerful at each progressive level of energy body development.