Thoughts From The Audience...

 “Your sound workshop last month at Tula was simply incredible.  I’m not really sure where to begin, to be honest.

I’ve been teaching and practicing yoga for 15 years, and yet I’m still in awe of the power of sound. Through each chakra, I felt like my body lead me in a different direction (rocking like I hadn’t expected) and my mind/heart opened enough to have some remarkable... I don’t know what to call them... visions? Experiences? 

I just want you to know how much your presence and your gifts impacted me. 

Thank you so very much for this incredible experience!“

-Alison M.

"I have attended many 'sound baths', guided meditations and chakra-based classes over the years as a yoga instructor myself, and while I've had many moving, energetic experiences participating in such offerings, none of them were as distinct as the one I had during the ShaamaahS chakra alignment meditation. Having never experienced throat-singing live before, I was immediately intrigued and entranced by the sound, and the vibrations as they washed over my body. I felt so deeply relaxed and grounded, my mind completely surrendered. I lost track of the pauses between each energetic 'set' and quit trying to focus on where he might be at. Then, after one of the pauses, when he began singing again and playing, I felt a buzzing and warmth in my heart. It continued to flow out into my arms and fingertips and was unbelievably tangible. The next pause and subsequent sound broadened the buzzing feeling up to my throat, which felt even stronger than the vibrations which had began in my heart, pulsating from my larynx and rippling out around to the back of my spine. I thought for sure the next musical movement would yield buzzing near my third eye, aware by now where he was surely at in his playing. Instead the sensation was more intense pressure in that area, almost like a strong sinus headache centered on the third eye, but not as sharp and painful. The pressure lasted for a few minutes then finally alleviated. I felt everything relax, settle and clear. It was incredibly potent. From there the flow of energy felt smooth, and I could almost feel my crown chakra opening. There was a sensation of air moving over my head and spaciousness. I cannot express how beautifully aligning the experience was for me, physically, mentally and emotionally. I left feeling refreshed, balanced and had the best night's sleep!"

- Jessica P.  owner of


“Thank you so much for those amazing vibrations last night. I felt I needed to come and it did pay off. I've been struggling with insomnia for the past 3 months due to a concussion and last night I had a restful sleep with dreams. Pretty magical. ♡ thank you a thousand times. “

- Emmanuel B.

“I feel incredibly grateful to have been able to work with Shaamaahs. It was a pleasure to have him at our studio, Yoga Samadhi in WA. Our community enjoyed his performance and expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to go deeper into meditation through sound.

Shaamaahs has a powerful gift to share that can be very transformative. I am excited to work more with him in the future and our community is looking forward to his return.”

– Crystal Borup


“I have listened to your new meditation tracks several times here in the lab while fine tuning the new Mandala Drum V3 and there is no doubt that good energy flowed from the speakers through me into the pad.  While I do not practice meditation in the traditional sense your oscillations lead me toward a more serene approach to whatever my current endeavor may be.  People deserve to hear this performed live as well!

Thank you for sharing.


- Vince De Franco (Inventor, Owner of Synesthesia Inc and Mandala Drums)

"I wanted to share just a little about my flight last night. Besides the singing bowl I have never listened to sounds so primordial and piercing. The tones resonated brilliantly. My first thoughts I remember was an outrageous overpowering fear. The sounds you created were breaking down my human defensive fight or flight mechanisms. I was petrified. I new I was safe so I opened the door wide for more. I buckled my seat belt and took a flight into nirvana, space and personal discovery. I knew this experience was something different. The tones were otherworldly connecting me to spaces unattainable in normal daily life. I kept thinking about what you said about our mind is simply energy. You crafted sound to alter that energy which allowed us to step through beyond. Really enjoyed the experience. And thanks for teaching us something new."

- Rick, P  

 Thank you again so much for the amazing session tonight. I'm experiencing a place of reverence and peace I can usually only find on mountain tops, or alone at a secluded beach. 

I had no idea what to expect or what I would find. I'm already floored with the abundance flowing through me - it really unpacks as the night continues. It felt good to cancel all plans and stay in this space tonight.”

-Steven, M

"What I like best about Pranic Oscillations is the synergy between the throat-singing, shruti and the Tibetan bowls. It all pulls together. I also appreciate his knowledge of the science behind what he’s doing as a  guide for creating a meditative experience. Very relaxing and powerful at the same time."

- Kathleen, K   

"I came to Pranic Oscillations feeling tight and stressed from a long week. But when I got there, my mind softened, my muscles loosened up, and my heart became expansive again. The combination of sound vibrations lifted me back up to my rightful place."

- David, F 

"Ron has an amazing voice combined with a Shruti box and Tibetan bowls to create a rich and powerful sound that makes it easy to enter into deep meditation."

- Andrew, K 


“Holy Shaamaahs that was awesome.”

– Barton Popenoe