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Sound Meditation Oscillating Prana

  • Yoga Shala - Portland, OR 3808 North Williams Avenue Portland, OR, 97227 United States (map)

We as humans are walking energy, vibrating at multiple frequencies. If we're to break this idea down into the esoteric realm of Chakra meditation .... It is important to note the seven major Chakras and the Universal OM have their own individual frequencies/notes. The Chakras are an intricate energy system that communicates with our bodies glandular functions.

Chakra Glandular Connections:

The importance of developing the Pranic Energy Body connection with Chakra balancing involves initiating the subtle energy body via yoga and meditation. This can be accomplished with sound meditation to help focus working with the specific Chakras and developing our subtle energy bodies ability to "oscillate" with an external sound catalyst. The presentation of this catalyst is the sound meditation that will be performed

The sound meditation I’ve developed uses esoteric “drone” instruments in a specific tuning that is relative to natural ratios that are seen within the natural world, our physiology, our solar system and ancient cultural paradigms. IE: Fibonacci, Phi, and Pythagorean theorem.

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Oscillating Prana With ShaamaahS